Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas in Germany

decorating the Christmas tree!
final product

Raclette. aka: the best food ever. It's traditional to eat around Christmas time...it's this special kind of cheese that smells gross, but tastes amazing, and you need the above contraption to heat it up and eat it. You mix it with potatoes, ham, veggies, and even pinapple. Soooo good!
There is soooo much snow here in Germany! I am staying with an exchange student I met in America who is German. She lives about 10 minutes outside of Frankfurt. I have been here six days so far, and it has snowed every single one of those days, most days average a temperature of -5 degrees! The snow is causing problems all throughout Europe. The London airport has even closed down, and so many flights are being cancelled.

However, the snow is very pretty, and I am looking forward to Christmas in a foreign country. The food here is amazing, and Juliane's mother is an excellent cook who keeps me very well fed. haha. Hopefully the roads will be better tomorrow so we can drive someplace and actually see some German things!!!