Tuesday, January 11, 2011


In Brugge, it was soooo gorgeous there
The Antomium, in Brussels. It was part of the same collection as the Eiffel Tower. We took a tour and got to go inside of it and took an elevator up to the very top ball!
The Royal Palace in Brussels. Since the flag was up, that means the king and queen are home!
The famous symbol of Belgium, the Manneken Pis. I had no idea it was so small! And apparently he has over 800 outfits!
In the main square of Brussels. All the buildings were so pretty! They had so much gold on them :)

So after my two weeks in Germany, I took the train to Belgium and stayed with my close friend Alexia. I stayed for one week, and got to celebrate new years there, which was cool. Belgium has wonderful chocolate and food in general. It was so much fun, and I loved all the buildings there. It seems most of of photos from Belgium of of buildings!